Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Start Developing

Ok heres the plan for fall 06

Project definition: I intend to write a clear statement that clearly defines the scope of this project. This statement will describe the interactions I hope to create between the observer and the objects.

Ideation/exploration: I will explore various physical forms and means of physical expression. I plan to research behaviors, technologies and materials that may be appropriate in obtaining my goals.

Design refinement: At this stage, I (we?) will pick one or several directions for further development. I intend on building 3D computer models as well as physical models to scale. Technology will be at the breadboard stage with code developed in tandem.

Prototyping: At this point I will combine all the pieces to determine their validity and adjust accordingly. I expect this stage to be the longest as lead times may be lengthy. Depending on how things go, I may have to go back one or perhaps two steps to finesse the project/s.

Finalize design/presentation: Put the finishing touches on things, debug if needed and build working finished pieces. Also, prepare a presentation that explains the intent of the project, the process and technologies used.

Finished model: Present final pieces. Go home and sleep.


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